Terms and Conditions



FMTG Services GmbH, Columbusplatz 7-8, 1100 Vienna, provides the following bonus programmes:

-     A advantage club (“Blue Spirit Club”)

-     A loyalty club (“Gold Spirit Club”).

The following General Terms and Conditions apply to both programmes:


I.         Conditions of participation

1.        Eligibility

Eligible participants are as follows:

-        Individuals who are over 18 years of age and of full legal capacity

Ineligible participants are as follows:

-        Individuals who are not yet 18 years of age, or are not yet of full legal capacity

-        Legal entities including companies, foundations, or institutions

-        Groups of persons

-        Employees of FMTG Services GmbH or of companies affiliated with FMTG Services GmbH

Multiple registrations are not permitted.

2.        Blue Spirit Club

-   Participants register by completing the online registration form at spiritclub.falkensteiner.com.

-     Once the application form has been filled in, the member will receive a confirmation email. If requested, and upon the payment of a fee, a Blue Spirit Card can be sent by post following registration. The confirmation email contains a membership number.

-     The annual fee is €20 (including VAT).

-     The membership period is fixed at one year. Membership is terminated automatically if the member fails to pay the fee for the subsequent year, thereby extending the membership, by the time the membership period expires. A fee of €20 (including VAT) must be paid to extend membership or to re-register for the Blue Spirit Club for another year.

-     If the credit card details were entered on the application, the fee can be charged to the specified VISA or MasterCard. Otherwise, the fee must be paid by an immediate bank transfer.

3.        Gold Spirit Club

-     FMTG Services GmbH notifies members by email when they have reached Gold Spirit Status, and invites them to join the Gold Spirit Club.

-     Members can only register for the programme when they have received an invitation.

-    After registering for the Gold Spirit programme, the member receives a Gold Spirit Card by post.

-     Gold Spirit Status is reached if, within a period of two consecutive years, the member either spends a minimum of 20 nights (each individual night is counted) in participating hotels, or generates sales of at least €5,000 (including VAT).

-     There is no membership fee for the Gold Spirit Club. Prior membership of the Blue Spirit Club is also not required.

4.        Transferability

-     The membership card cannot be transferred to another person.

-   The benefits of the bonus programme may be used by the members themselves and one companion, for a maximum of two rooms.


II.      Content of the bonus programmes

1.        Blue Spirit Club

-   Special offers, discounts, news, highlights, events, and competitions are available to the members of the Blue Spirit Club.

-     These offers are displayed and continuously updated in the Blue Spirit Club login area.

2.        Gold Spirit Club

-   Members of the Gold Spirit Club are entitled to an exclusive hotel service, including a personal welcome gift in their room and VIP reception at check in.

-     They are also entitled to all the benefits and services of the Blue Spirit Club.

-    Members of the Gold Spirit Club receive a regular email newsletter containing information about new offers. The newsletter is only sent to Gold Spirit Club members if they have agreed to receive it, and they can unsubscribe at any time.


III.   Duration of membership

1.        Blue Spirit Club

-  The membership period is fixed at one year. In principle, membership is terminated automatically after one year.

-     To extend membership or to re-register, the annual fee of €20 (including VAT) must be paid at the correct time.

-     In this case, members can continue to use the Blue Spirit Card.

2.        Gold Spirit Club

-     In principle, the membership period is fixed at two years.

-     During this period, members must again spend a minimum of 20 nights in participating hotels, or generate sales of at least €5,000 (including VAT), in order to increase their membership period by two years.

-     The Gold Spirit Card is rendered invalid if the membership is not extended.

-     If members again fulfil the membership requirements of the Gold Spirit Club, they receive a new Gold Spirit Card with a new validation date by post.


IV.     Participating venues

All Hotels and Residences operated by FMTG Services GmbH in Europe participate in both bonus programmes:

-     A list of all the participating venues is available at www.falkensteiner.com/de/hotels-residences.

-     Members can, therefore, only take advantage of the benefits and services associated with the programme in venues operated by FMTG Services GmbH, and only for the prices that apply at the time when benefits and services are used. Members can access details of the applicable conditions and the available benefits and services at spiritclub.falkensteiner.com.


V.        Changes to the General Terms and Conditions and bonus programmes

FMTG Services GmbH reserves the right to modify these General Terms and Conditions, and the list of venues, services, and prices covered by the bonus programmes at any time, and at its sole discretion.

Members will be notified in writing to their last known email address of any changes to these Terms and Conditions, or will be notified in another reasonable manner. The changes will be deemed approved if the member does not object in writing within one month of notification.

In the communication, FMTG Services GmbH will inform members about the change to the General Terms and Conditions, and indicate that a failure to respond within one month of the notification will be regarded as consent to the change.

Members can access the details of the list of venues, services, and prices covered by the bonus programmes at any time at spiritclub.falkensteiner.com, or in any FMTG Services GmbH venues.


VI.     Termination of membership

1.        Termination by the member

Members can terminate their membership at any time without notice, and without stating a specific reason, by emailing spiritclub@falkensteiner.com or by telephoning +43 (0) 50 9911 1000.

2.        Termination by FMTG Services GmbH

FMTG Services GmbH is entitled to terminate membership without notice when there are important reasons for doing so. Important reasons include, inter alia:

-     Improper or fraudulent use of the programme

-     Payment irregularities

-     Inappropriate conduct in a hotel.

3.        Discontinuation of the bonus programme

FMTG services GmbH reserves the right to terminate the bonus programmes at any time, or to replace them with other programmes, without giving a reason. Termination or replacement does not entitle members to make damage claims.


VII.  Data and data protection

Members must ensure that all the data they enter is correct and that they inform FMTG Services GmbH of any changes to their details.

Personal data is treated as confidential in accordance with the provisions of the Austrian Data Protection Act (DSG). Members agree that their personal data will be stored and processed (at times using automated systems). Members are entitled to revoke their consent at any time.

For credit card payments, personal data are transferred using a protected SSLline in order to prevent any fraudulent use of data.

Personal data will be passed on or otherwise conveyed to third parties only if required for business transactions, or if the member has given prior consent. Members expressly consent to the transfer of data to the Falkensteiner Michaeler Tourism Group AG and affiliated companies for the purpose of consumer information and promotional activities.

If FMTG Services GmbH is required by law to disclose personal data, the member’s written consent is obtained in advance.


VIII.   Liability

FMTG Services GmbH shall not be liable to members if a service partner fails to meet a payment obligation and it is not due to misconduct on the part of FMTG Services GmbH.


IX.     Miscellaneous

If a provision of these General Terms and Conditions is or becomes invalid, the validity of the remaining provisions is not affected. The invalid clause will be replaced by a clause which comes as close as possible to the economic intention of the original clause. The same applies to any loopholes in these General Terms and Conditions.

The entire General Terms and Conditions are subject to Austrian law, excluding its conflict of laws provisions.

The sole court of jurisdiction is the Bezirksgericht Innere Stadt Wien (Inner City of Vienna District Court).